Master degree in Moroccan Judaism tourism

Association Mimouna developed a 2-year master's degree at "ISITT" with a focus on Jewish tourism

Octobre 2022 – June 2023:

Association Mimouna developed a 2-year master’s degree at “L’Institut Supérieur International de Tourisme de Tanger” with a focus on Jewish tourism, the development of Jewish itineraries, and the training of Hebrew-speaking tour guides with the assistance of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Higher Education.The selected MA students began their semester in December 2021 by taking history, geography, introduction to Moroccan Jewish heritage, fundamentals of Jewish tourism in Morocco, and Hebrew language classes.This program is organized under the Dakira Banner, a USAID-financed initiative that is implemented by Mimouna Association and other Moroccan NGOs to safeguard the memory of the Moroccan cultural heritage.

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