Activities  By Mimouna

Cultural activities to promote diversity and coexistence


Thanks to local and international partners, Mimouna Association have been able to provide various cultural activities to promote cultural diversity and harmonious coexistence and share the richness of Jewish-Moroccan culture with the world.

Ramadan 1444 and Mimouna 5783
Jun 2023: Ramadan 1444 & Mimouna 5783
An Interfaith Iftar is a way for people of different faiths to come together, share a meal, and learn about each other's traditions and beliefs. It is an opportunity to promote understanding and harmony among people of different faiths and cultures.
rencontre avec Erik Janowski
Jun 2023: Meeting with Mr. Erik Janowsky
The director of the United States Agency for International Development in Morocco paid a visit to the Higher International Institute of Tourism in Tangier during his stay there to meet with the students of the USAID-sponsored and Mimouna Association-operated master's program in Jewish Moroccan tourism.
Jun 2023: International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Tangier
At the Higher International Institute of Tourism, in the presence of the Israeli Chef of mission interim in Morocco H.E. Alona Fisher-Kamm, Mimouna Association organized a discussion and a movie screening for the benefit of the students of the master’s program...
Rabbis of Morocco
Jun 2023: Exhibition of the Rabbis of Morocco
An itinerary display has been planned by Mimouna Association and the Casablanca Museum of Moroccan Judaism. The project aims at highlighting the life of some prominent Jewish Moroccan Rabbis to safeguard their memory.